We are sisters and brothers from all over the world, who strongly believe in the power of sounds, frequencies and music.

We feel that good music is the key that opens every human heart
and let’s us feel the passion and love it’s made of!

sonus savjetovanje is an event & promotion agency spezialized in the field of electronic music.

nice to meet you! for any inquiries please use the form.

You love electronic music just like we do?
Wanna help us establish quality sound in Zagreb and beyond?

Electronic music is your passion and you love to dance the night away. You know your cities hotspots. You are well connected. You are highly communicative and very active in social media.

You speak both – croatian and english. Join our team and become part of the Sonus Croatia Crew!

Drop us a few lines about who you are. Add your contact details and links to your profiles. We are looking forward hearing from you: info@we-love-sound.com