How to get 300 canine residents a permanent home with Rémi Gaillard

By 10/11/2016General

Following the announcements, world-famous French prankster Rémi Gaillard is setting up an example of positive action in the society, and believe us – it has never been more jesting.

Today is the day Rémi starts yet another new project, the one only a few have informed about, presumably given the extreme levels of pranks, hokums and gauges we’ve been gifted since he first started pranking the public in 1999.

As of today, he starts living in a dog kennel at the SPA dog shelter in Montpelier, where he will remain for an indefinite period of time – until all 300 canine neighbours get adopted, or he manages to raise €50,000 ($55,700) in donations.

remi“He is expected, we are organizing everything,” said Annie Benezech, director of SPA Montpelier. “It is a very generous project, and we admire Remi’s commitment to the cause of animals.”

With a promotional flyer and an announced live stream from his page, although there were speculations on yet another Remi’s pranks, it seems that for once he is serious about raising awareness about a very sensitive problem – the plight of abandoned dogs.
During his stay at a dog shelter he will be treated and will experience and “enjoy” all the delights and amenities as the canines living at the shelter do.

Not to leave it in words, as just another amazing iniciative, if you cannot adopt, support.



author: mɵr

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