Pag Island – the place where diversities meet in harmony

By 11/11/2016General

Adriatic sea is magnificent place. By the beutiful blue sea, picturesque coast and pleasant climate the upland immerse deep in the sea. Between sandy beaches and pine forests, there is an island which intensely reminds of a separate planet and that is how Pag got its name; planet Pag.

Pag has one of the most indented coastline island in Croatia and is one of the sunniest islands on Adriatic sea. Every single cove slightly veering down to sea, beautiful sandy beaches with finest crystal sand leaving everyone speachless ..


From the depths of seabed comes fresh water all the way from slopes of mighty Velebit.


East and West parts of the island bring together the unimaginable. Although climate of the island is mediteranian, the wild winds rushing down Velebit leave their marks. The eastern part is completely naked, but in spite of this, the island has retained native evergreen.

In 270km that go around the island there is definitely something you will find to intrigue all of your sences.

The diversity of the eastern and western part reflect not only by the landscape, but also its diverse offerings that can serve all types – from hedonists to adventurers. Whether it comes to food, culture, Novalja sunset, magical Pag lace, or crazy parties, Pag just ideally combines all incompatible; the beauty of nature, centuries-old tradition and clubbing culture.

Today more than ever, we are aware of its magic and beauty, as well as the ways to maintain and improve the existing., how to live in synergy, trust and create in all segments through another stage of life on Earth.




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