Mateljan text

From the very beginning Mariano was a part of the Sonus crew and we are so proud that his passion for sound does not lose its luster. This year, Mariano will be one of our residents and from him we can expect special, distinctive sound and great groove on the dance floor.

Once upon a super talented skater replaced the skate scene with electronic and became a producer and DJ. Producing music he found his new love and soon he have build a studio from which he delivers a lots of splendid tracks and those tracks are played by many great world-famous names.

He releases for Gilesku Records, Infuse, Vinyl Club, Sol Asylum and you can catch him play at legendary clubs like Club Der Visionaire in Berlin, Fabric in London and at Fuse London parties. With his friend Madezh, he founded Cruise party brand in Split, where they brought names like Archie Hamilton, DeWalta, Dana Ruh, Enzo Siragusa and many others, and that way they influenced on quality and development of the electronic music scene.

As we always know in advance, we can feel, that his time is just arriving. Stay tuned… is all we need to add for this sound lover and great dancer.