Multitalented Tobi Neumann lives in Berlin. He’d already made himself a name as producer of commercial jingles and movie soundtracks when he got infected with electronic music at the ’95 Love Parade. Tobi Neumann, a resident of Berlin for the past decade, and a resident DJ and artist for clubbing giant Cocoon, is indisputably one of the most highly recognized and highly respected personalities in electronic music. His productions for Chicks On Speed, 2Raumwohnung, Miss Kittin a.o. made Tobi one of the driving forces in the German house and electro scene.

In recent years, with his international commitments accelerating, Tobi has scaled back his production work to focus on his first love: being a DJ. He is a true veteran in the booth and continues to be invigorated by nightlife, relishing the give & take with the dancefloor, playing techno at house tempo, and house at techno tempo, throwing in unexpected selections, and mixing with his unique signature flair. From his defining fabric debut, to his recent epic 8- hour session for Panorama Bar, to the Terrace of Amnesia, and amongst the sweaty throng of Robert Johnson, Tobi is a master of the craft, working with and for the crowd, and driving them, willingly, to wild abandon.