Thousand year old Olive trees listen to Sonus Sounds

By 11/11/2016General

The biggest party destinations on the island of Pag is surrounded by the great outdoors. Lavender, immortelle and sage create a specific aroma which combined with the Adriatic salty air will purify your respiratory tract. Young and old trees of pine forests and olive groves are constantly refreshing Mediterranean climate of the island.

Speaking of olives, twenty minutes north of Novalja is a place called Lun. There, among approximately 80,000 olive trees on approximately 23 hectares, only 1500 olive trees Olea Oleaster linea  stands out with uniqueness. The unique, completely different from one another, each olive as it is tells a story about the battle with “bura”, the strong Adriatic wind, growing from rocks which they are surrounded by, as if they were always there. Holding that as alnost true, the oldest olive tree numbers over a thousand years.

A few locals started an initiative and with the financial support of the City of Novalja they arranged the gravel road through olive groves approximately 17 km long. Every day from 10am to 8pm you can get information at the reception desk and the stone houses: if you make an appointment, you to go tasting and get local products – olive oil and cheese, almonds, figs, biscuits with olive oil and lavender, local honey sage, St. John’s wort (Cantarion) oil, jam and delicious liqueurs… You can also choose from numerous souvenirs made from olive wood.

Come to balance with nature and take that feeling with you wherever you go, family gatherings or back to the office. We are confident that time spent here will create an indelible mark on your memory. Some of the positive effects of the consumption of olive oil are improving immunity, energy levels, protection and rejuvenation of the organism, as evidenced by the very age of the olive trees. Surrounded by these ‘liquid goods’ restore your beauty inside and out. You can find a fitting recipe for yourself, or try everything. We highly recommend!

An expert for arboriculture, Ph.D. Karmela Poštenjak once said: “The world has seven wonders, and these olive groves come before all of them – such magnificent wild olives, preserved from fire, human stupidity and devastation. Here, in the environment of crystal pure sea and bare stone, nature has created something that no human mind ever could.”


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